Mel B: Stopped Victoria Beckham Nipple Slip


Victoria Beckham | Nipple Slip


Victoria Beckham always has something to offer every time she is in a concert with Spice Girls. From the sausage armpit, now to a supposedly nipple slip while performing with Mel B in there concert on London’s O2 Arena. Thanks to Scary Spice(Mel B) who grabbed Victoria’s breast to avoid the world to see Victoria’s best asset, her nipple.

Let’s just all stand by and wait for their next concert and see what will she give us for the third time around,.

Victoria Beckham | Nipple Slip



8 Responses to “Mel B: Stopped Victoria Beckham Nipple Slip”

  1. Nice one Scary.. Victoria you should at least be aware of your costumes next time ^_^

  2. chingchoi Says:

    lol! wondering what will happen if mel b didnt do that.. thanks to her!

  3. hmmm..very nice of scary spice, helping her friend not to be humiliated in front of their fans :D… cheers for her.

  4. Good thing Mel B is there to save the day…before anything happen!!

  5. Wow! Thank God Super B was there to save her..:)

  6. Lately, Victoria Beckham seems to be always an hot item..^_^

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