Victoria Beckham has a Armpit Clevage

Victoria Beckham Armpit


From the simple two-hour performance at London’s O2 Arena last Saturday, Victoria Beckham caught the world’s attention on her sausage look like armpit. I’m really wondering why it look that bad or is that the dress is too tight for her. And even at the time she wore this on the dressing room, doesn’t she notice this exposed eewe lump. I wonder what would David Beckham say on this shame pic of her loving wife. I just hope that David would still love her after seeing this one, besides this can be a great challenge for David, for us to see how much he really loves Posh. lol,.


4 Responses to “Victoria Beckham has a Armpit Clevage”

  1. maybe the dress is too tight for her..^_^

  2. hmmmm…extra skin, getting old, and that’s not a baby fat lol … 😀

  3. She one of the sexiest girl in her younger years…..but the only thing I could think of her now is….she’s one scary mama!!! hehehe

  4. Slipped breast implant (inserted from an armpit incision).

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