David Beckham in Armani Underwear

David Beckham in Armani Underwear


David Beckham is the latest celebrity model for underwears of Armani. David was chosen from the designer itself, Giorgio Armani. And now finally, the ads of the footballer, David was out for the world to see him in almost naked. Emporio Armani Underwear featuring the too hot David Beckham, the picture itslef show how hot he was.

Besides, Armani is the one who designed the England soccer team’s outfits


Armani said:

David is truly a modern day icon in that his fame extends well beyond the realm of soccer. He represents a notion of modern masculinity: as a sports hero, husband and father. He is also a man with a great sense of style.”

Beckham said:

“I first met Mr. Armani quite a few years ago while I was working with the England team when he designed our World Cup suit. I’ve been a big fan of his style for a long time and, through the years, my wife and I have become friends with him, so I’m happy to be working with him now.”

Beckham signed for a £20 million deal to become the new global face of fashion house Giorgio Armani. The hot pictures were shot by renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot.


3 Responses to “David Beckham in Armani Underwear”

  1. he is one famous celebrity, and just posing for an underwear make a large sum of money…

  2. He’s soo hot!

    No wonder there are many girls who were head over heels in love with him.

  3. Armani has always been a favorite designer of mine. It seems the best ones always come from Italy!

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