Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony in Miami Beach

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

I don’t like these couple, I mean I like J.Lo but I don’t like Marc Anthony for Jennifer Lopez having the fact that J.Lo is too beautiful and hot for Marc. Since I don’t have a choice but to discussed the latest event between the two.

A mother to be Jennifer Lopez and Marc spent a night off from their concert in South Beach with their 120 close friends, having party all night. J.Lo in a hot look wearing a maroon mini dress. According to some source J.Lo danced as if she was not pregnant. The couple seen so sweet together with their endless hugs and kisses. The rest of the group enjoyed the night until the sun raised.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in Miami Beach


4 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony in Miami Beach”

  1. I Love u Jennifer 🙂

  2. Jennifer looks very beautiful and happy and I love her. I don’t care if she’s fat, what matters is that she is a great singer and who saw her in the press conference she did in the Bronx last week ( could find out that she is also a wonderful person. The notice that really deserves our attention is her decision to donate a part of her tour’s profits to children health education, not her bump.

  3. i think Marc doesn’t deserve Jennifer. Jenifer is so gorgeous and looks so young for him while Marc looks too old for her.He even looks like Jenifer’s Uncle…

  4. jlo is a bitch!! a man using cunt. she also practices witchcraft and is evil!

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