Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in Separate Bedrooms

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise


Due to snoring issue, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sleep in separate bed since Katie can’t stand this kind of noise and destruct her on her sleep. The two still love each other so much, they still had their romantic nights together. But when it comes to normal nights, Katie would sleep to other bedroom to have a more peaceful sleep.

But this situation wasn’t a big issue on the couple, in fact they even joke regarding it to some of their friends. As Katie says, I need some beauty sleep and I can’t do it with sleeping with Tom.



Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise


5 Responses to “Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in Separate Bedrooms”

  1. I love this couple. Katie loves her family so much.

  2. Wow, Tom Cruise snore He has a million dollars but he cannot send him self to a doctor for treatment.

  3. seems like tom snores very loud that katie cant withstand it. lol! suri had very nice eyes i love it!

  4. The couples look great together. And I think they are so inlove with each other hope their relationship lasts and by the way they got a cute child there..

  5. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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