Orlando Bloom in a Car Accident

Orlando Bloom | Car Accident


The Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom involved into a car accident last October 12, 2007 early in the morning on on a Hollywood street while driving his black 2003 Toyota Matrix belonging to Pirates of the Caribbean director of photography Dariusz Wolski when he accidentally crashed a motorist. When another vehicle made a sudden lane change, Orlando suddenly made a twist causing him hit two parked cars, police said. Orlando Bloom was totally safe and unhurt but one of his passenger suffered a minor neck injury and other one is cut by her seat belt.



13 Responses to “Orlando Bloom in a Car Accident”

  1. If it weren’t for one of the papz, Bloom would’ve just walked away from the scene and that would’ve resulted to a hit-and-run case on his part.

  2. Hey,Orlando next time be careful.

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  3. I believe the right photo is just photoshoped!

  4. Ouch, luckily he’s alive. 😀

  5. amp.. iam his wife.. just kidding.. iam just imagine my self hugging him.. 🙂

  6. Poor lad….hope his companion recover from the injury and shock…..

  7. Oh no my Legulas 0_o good thing he and his companion are fine.. next time be careful..^_^

  8. flirtygoddess Says:

    he’s still cute no matter what… hehehehe
    careful babe……

  9. Good thing that his face is still the same..Handsome as ever!I love LEGOLAS!^_^

  10. Does the news tell the reason for that car accident?

  11. puhh….but i still love how he is….that´s a good life^^

  12. omg i love him no matter what they say bout’em

    i’ll still love u ❤

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