Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake at Toronto

Justine Timberlake | Jessica Biel

This may be a little bit late but still lets tackle the newly romance between Justin and Jessica Biel. Justin was in town of Toronto filming his upcoming movie “The Guru” with Jessica Alba and Mike Meyers. Its a happy thing that that Jessica Biel came over just to visit Justin and eat breakfast together. After the breakfast the two caught holding hands while strolling on the street. The reason why people think Jessica Biel came down is because of the hot Jessica Alba. She’s too hot for Jessica Biel leave Justin with her. Well for whatever reason, the thing here is, they really shows how inlove they are with each other and it seems that they are really enjoying each other company.

Jessica is the best for Justin compare to his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears who has nothing to do aside from to caught media’s attention. Jessica is too different from Britney.

Justine Timberlake | Jessica Biel


12 Responses to “Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake at Toronto”

  1. I think those two will have a great time and I hope Justin will be loyal to her! he..he.. not like what he did to Britney Spears! I think Mike Myers is a very good actor so I’ll be waiting for their tandem in a movie!

  2. hoping that the relationship will last..

  3. jessica biel is damn hot! guess how many months they’ll stay??

  4. honestly i don’t really care if Jessica is with Justin now, but i still hope their relationship would last..I like Jessica as an actress especially in her movie Chuck and Larry and Next.She’s a good actress and absolutely hot…

  5. Jessica and Justin look good together..

  6. ohh.. that’s sweet.. Honestly i really like their tandem.. Id rather go for Jessica for Justin rather than Britney! Justin really deserve Jessica and vice versa.. ^_^

  7. flirtygoddess Says:

    Let’s just hope that their relationship will work,,
    They look good together and absolutely hot……


  9. j’aime bein justine kissss

  10. I think that..Jessica is not for Justin..he deserve much better..and Britney was a fantastic singer and a good actress too.(in her time-the time when she was ..very good-loocking,and hot girl)we shouldn’t say unkind thing about her..she doesn’t have anything with Justin now..she has much bigger problems at the I right?..P.S.Justin u are the most good-locking man I ever saw on tv!!!;)

  11. Justin leave Jessica rightnow!!!

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