Britney Spears: Going to Jail?

Britney Spears In Jail

Here comes Britney Spears with another trouble. It seems that losing her kids and her poor career wasn’t enough. Britney would be in jail for six months as prosecutors charged the celebrity with misdemeanor counts of hit and run and driving without a license. If convicted, aside from being in jail for six months, Birtney would also pay the amount of $1,000 fine for each count according to Nick Velasquez, spokesman for the city attorney’s office.

The case started when Britney crashed a car in San Fernando Valley car park and trying to escape as if nothing happens last August. Three days after the incident, the owner of the vehicle filed a report and sadly discover that Britney has no license. Things getting worst for Britney.

As she entered her lawyer’s office and found out about her charges, Britney broke down into tears last Friday in Lost Angeles.


5 Responses to “Britney Spears: Going to Jail?”

  1. Poor Britney her life is in chaos…She ruin her beautiful and luxurious life…How can she raised her child to have a nice life if she’s keep doing a wrong thing…Nice article huh…keep on watching celebrities gossip…ok…

  2. im very sad about of her, suddenly her life went down, well that’s showbiz for you, when your up, your surely going down…..

  3. flirtygoddess Says:

    well that’s life it’s her decision… make a wrong turn…
    she ruined her life…. poor Spears…

  4. I’m so sad for what happened to Britney. But don’t she deserve another chance. I am also a mother and i know that it is really painful for Britney not to see her children even for a day.

  5. Poor britt, get it together girl.

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