Alicia Silverstone’s Nude Commercial

Alicia Silverstone Nude Commercial

A 30-second commercial featuring a nude 30 year old Alicia Silverstone promoting the benefits of being a vegetarian. The set up was Alicia as she came out from the pool and suddenly take off her clothes as she discuss the advantage and benefits of a meet-free lifestyle. The commercial would be broadcast in Houston Texas where the people ranks from being obese. Sadly when it was about to aired, the Comcast Cable banned the commercial to the fact PETA already paid for the advertisement. For the reason of showing the viewers what body a health conscious might have but still nudity is the main topic here for the ad to be banned

From the commercial the hot celebrity says:

“I’m Alicia Silverstone, and I’m a vegetarian.”

“There’s nothing in the world that’s changed me as much as this. I feel so much better and have so much energy.”


5 Responses to “Alicia Silverstone’s Nude Commercial”

  1. How can I forget this hottie, she is so sexy and really a star in my heart. I first saw her in the music video Crazy by Aerosmith and after that I bought a collection of movies of her.

  2. Look at her.. Alicia is really hot in that picture..

  3. flirtygoddess Says:

    I wanna have that sexy body like alicia’s…
    haven’t seen the commercial yet…..

  4. Nice. I love to eat vegetables.

  5. well that’s one good and sexy ads for eating green foods, anyone sees will be a vegetarian in no time….

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