Jessica Alba at Fashion Rocks 2007

Jessica Alba

4th Annual Fashion Rocks 2007 is one of the most awaiting event took on Radio City Music Hall in New York. The event was part of New York City’s Fashion Week.

Lots of hot celebrities came and one of them is the hot Jessica Alba. Here she comes with her gorgeous look in a classy black form-fitting gown showing off her sexy back with a sash-like chain with her gel-hair.

Jessica visited first David Letterman to promote her new flick “Good Luck Chuck” before heading up to Radio City Hall.

Jessica Alba


5 Responses to “Jessica Alba at Fashion Rocks 2007”

  1. like her so much in fantastic four..

  2. hey nice blog, good info about the latest news on celebrity , thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. That is great at the shows she always does so well.

    She is awesome

  4. Lostsurfin Says:

    She is an O.K. actor…not the best, with no offense to her! She is really pretty, too. She has good jeens too. Lucky bunch ‘o famous people!!! jk

    love ya’ll, -bye

  5. she is very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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