Melissa Joan Hart: A Well Grown Sabrina

Melissa Joan Hart

Remember the sixteen year old Sabrina Spellman who starred the hit tv show Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Who would forget this young turned real hot woman as a actress, a mother and a wife.

As a Actress, now categorized as one of the best veteran actress in television, film and theater.. She was in the industry for 25 years. Started at the age of three when she made a television commercial for a bathtub toy called ‘Splashy’. Having a total of 25 commercials before reaching the age of 5. Best known in the role of Sabrina in Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains It All. She also won the following awards: Favorite Movie Actress for the movie Drive Me Crazy, Favorite Television Actress and Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series – Leading Young Performer for the tv show Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Best Performance in a TV Movie or Feature Film – Young Ensemble for the tv show The Right Connections and a lot more.

As a mother and wife, Melissa is a wife of Mark Wilkerson, a vocalist and guitarist for band Course of Nature and a dedicated mom of a 1year and 8months old baby boy Mason Walter Wilkerson. The proud mother says, “He was a little stubborn but all is well. Everyone is well and we are all relieved.”The actress got married on the 19th of July 2003 and its wedding’s themed are colors Purple and Gold.



Melissa Joan Hart


Personal Quote:

“I’m a pretty open person. Like, if I have good sex, then the next day I’m going to tell everyone I know about it”




8 Responses to “Melissa Joan Hart: A Well Grown Sabrina”

  1. I like this actress especially when she portrays the role of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Keep it up.

  2. I like this cute actress. She’s hot!!!

  3. nice blog, very informative

  4. Melissa Joan Hart! I like her! She really looks so sweet and sexy! I also like the design… it’s simple, neat and clean.

    “And I guess, the author of this post is just like Melissa. I think she’s sweet and sexy too.”

  5. When I was still in elementary I always watch Sabrina the teenage witch because Melissa Joan Hart is my crush. She is so cute and I love the show involving magic and sci-fi so Sabrina the teenage witch is what I’ve been watching and I even completed the whole season of this lovable TV series.

  6. Melissa joan Hart is cute in Sabrina, i have a collection of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

  7. chingchoi Says:

    is that really her? haven’t seen her for quite some time and im shocked.. she still looks good and beautiful.

  8. i like her wen she plays sabrina but she sounds a bit of a slu in real life n im quite shocked but shes still pretty

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